Texas Olives

Education is a fundamental part of our business philosophy here at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard. Learning how to grow olive trees is just the first step in understanding why and how this ancient crop has remained vital to humanity for thousands of years.

From root to fruit, we use every part of the olive tree at Sandy Oaks and consider our mission to share our experience and learning.

How to Harvest Olives

Here is some information to help you care for your trees, olive use potential, resources and answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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The Stages of Olive Growth


From the end of February through the middle of March, the olive trees begin to bud.


Flowers emerge from the buds and are on the tree for about 10 days. The trees are wind pollinated. Flowers drop and a small olive is formed.


Olives continue to grow for five to six months changing from green to rosy to black.


In Texas, the harvest season is from late August through October.

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