Coming up at Sandy Oaks

Join us this Saturday (Aug. 12, 2017) for another free summer workshop as well as a free tour of the orchard. The tour will begin at 11:30am and the workshop will follow starting at 1:30pm. A delicious lunch prepared by The Kitchen at Sandy Oaks will also be available.

Herbal waters are a refreshing alternative to essential oils. Both offer the same benefits, but using water as the carrier for the herb is less involved and can be used right away rather than waiting for a period of time for the herb to infuse the oil.  Three herbs were selected for the workshop: Lavender, Calendula, and Rose Petals.  These herbs were selected for their different properties from treating wounds to reducing swelling, soothing and invigorating the skin.  The workshop will not only teach how to make floral waters, but discuss the many ways these floral waters can be used in your home.

One of the first commercial olive orchards in Texas, Sandy Oaks Orchards®, owned and operated by Saundra C. (Sandy) Winokur, lies just off of I-37, 20 minutes south of San Antonio, Texas.

While best known for olive trees, olive oil and the various olive oil and olive leaf based skin care products it produces, Sandy Oaks is also celebrated for its emphasis on hospitality and educating the public on the benefits and various uses of olive oil. Sandy Oaks frequently hosts educational seminars and tastings of olive oils from around the world.

Join us for a wonderful farm to table meal, visit our tasting room to sample our culinary products and the full line of skin care products we produce on site, or scroll through our nursery to pick up an olive tree or two for your backyard. Take a “Day-cation”, enjoy a small respite from the bustle of every day life and experience country living. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard
25195 Mathis Road, Elmendorf, TX 78112

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