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Free Saturday workshops

For more details on our workshops, please call the orchard at 210-621-0044
during business hours (Wednesday through Saturday, 11-3)

December 9th — Floral Waters

Herbal waters are a refreshing alternative to essential oils. Both offer the same benefits, but using water as the carrier for the herb is less involved. Floral waters can be used right away rather than waiting for the herb to infuse oil or vinegar. The many ways floral waters can be used around the house will also be discussed. Another great holiday gift idea!


As always we invite you to attend our free Saturday tour at 11:30, stay for lunch and then attend the free workshop at 1:30.  We look forward to you spending the day with us.

A venue perfect for any occasion

Sandy Oaks olive orchard is a peaceful country heaven featuring beautifully manicured grounds, shaded patios and pathways lined with olive trees, rose bushes, shrubs, flowers and fragrant herbs. Our garden, restaurant, gift shop and event hall make us the perfect venue for just about any occasion. Contact us today to place your reservation.

Book your wedding
at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard

You can trust our staff to deliver an outstanding venue for your rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. If your special day is blessed with blue skies, our beautiful setting and gorgeous sunsets are also guaranteed to make your event photographer’s job an absolute breeze. Contact us today to place your reservation.