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Free Saturday workshops

January 20, 2018 from 1:30-3 p.m.

From Garbage to Kitchen: It’s Compost Time!

When kitchen trash becomes a gardener’s treasure 

We may be bracing for a few more cold snaps, but Spring planting is really just around the corner. Don’t let your kitchen trash go to the land fill. A little sorting and ingenuity might just give your garden soil that extra shot of secret goodness. It’s just what your plants need to yield those great big baskets of healthy veggies! 

From coffee grinds and egg shells to vegetable or herb trimmings, learn how to set up a balanced compost pile and prepare a powerful complement to your Spring garden.

At Sandy Oaks, we make good use of everything. Nothing goes to waste if we can avoid it. We’ve recycled our old cattle troughs into compost starters, and we are using our kitchen scraps and other decomposers to prepare a great soil that will grow fragrant herbs, tasty greens and yummy Spring vegetables.

Make it a fun day at the orchard. We will hold our regular tour at 11:30 and proceed with the workshop at 1:30 p.m. Our restaurant will also be open for lunch. Grab a delicious soup, salad, sandwich or dessert before learning all about organic composting.

See you then!

For more information about the workshop, please call the orchard at (210) 621-0044.

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