5 amazing holiday gifts under $20 from Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard

Are you going to a holiday party and want to bring a unique gift? Are you tired of drop-shipping the same old Christmas centerpiece? Would you like to send memorable presents to family and friends who live out of town or in another state?

Here are our top 5 selections of Sandy Oaks holiday gifts

Sandy’s Blend
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sandy’s Blend is a combination of Arbequina and Picual varietals. Experience the soft, meadowy, sweet flavor of Arbequina beautifully blended with the slightly bitter and robust flavor of the Picual.
$19.00 each

Olive Oil & Vinegar Trio

This gift set features two sample-size bottles of our flavored aged balsamic vinegars and a bottle of Sandy’s Blend extra virgin olive oil. These amazing products make wonderful gifts for foodies and grillers alike.
$18.50 each

Olive Leaf Tea

Brew a curative and delicious cup of tea. Olive leaf tea has twice the antioxidants of green tea and 400% more vitamin C than other sources of vitamin C. From the first sip, you’ll wonder how something so delicious can be so good for you.
$14.50 each

Skin Care Gift Set

This gift set features sample-size selections from our line of natural skin care products. Shampoo, soaps, lotions and salves are guaranteed to refresh and rejuvenate your skin, and protect it from the harshness of the winter season.
$15.50 each

Sandy Oaks All-Natural
Handcrafted Soaps

Our handcrafted soaps are made from pure olive oil along with our own olive leaves, olive leaf tea and an array of healthful, fragrant and natural complements. 13 scents to choose from.
$7.00 each