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Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard is a certified nursery. Olive trees are extremely hardy and adapt to many climates and soil conditions.
The key is that the soil has good drainage - olive trees do not like wet feet. They grow in USDA Zones 8-10  We offer varieties from
Italy, Spain, the United States, Greece and Tunisia, to name a few.

We ship trees on Tuesday and Wednesday. The prices listed are retail prices.
For different varieties, sizes and quantities over 20: Please call us at 210.621.0044.
Quantities of 20 or more qualify for wholesale prices. 
California, Arizona and Florida are bare root states. Please call for more information.

For a full description of the olive tree varieties available at Sandy Oaks, click here.

The following trees are available online in 1 gallon pots.
All varieties listed below are suitable for both oil and table.

One Gallon Trees

Arbequina (Spain) Price $18.00
Chemlaili (Tunisia) Price $18.00
Koroneiki (Greece) Price $18.00
Mission (US) Price $18.00
Oueslati (Tunisia) Price $18.00

Pendolino (Italy) Price $18.00
Currently Unavailable
Picual (Spain) Price $18.00
Currently Unavailable


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